Commercial Pilot

A Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence is a professional licence which allows the holder to be employed (paid) as a Commercial Pilot. Helicopter pilots can be employed with businesses involved in Tourism, Agriculture, Oil, Gas and Mineral Exploration, Rescue Operations and as Flight Instructors.

We are a Certified Training Organisation by the Civil Aviation Authority, making us the safest choice to train with towards a Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence.

NZ Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

CPL training consists of but not limited to:

  • 6 CPL theory exams (Tuition available if required)
  • 150 hours of Practical flying hours (minimum)
  • 35 hours of Dual Instruction
  • 35 hours of Solo flight
  • 20 hours of Cross-Country flying
  • 10 hours of Sling Load training
  • 10 hours of Basic Mountain flying
  • CPL flight test 
Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence

Most students continue to train in the Robinson R22 or Hughes 300. With the option gain further ratings in the Robinson R44, Robinson R66, or Bell Jetranger to name a few. If you prefer to train in another type or perhaps you are looking to buy your own, speak to one of our Instructors to discuss your requirements.

Once you have received your Helicopter Commercial Pilot Licence, we make sure you have the support and contacts you need to begin a successful career as a helicopter pilot. As a result, many of our former students are now enjoying successful and rewarding careers in the aviation industry.

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