Foreign Licence Conversion

Already hold an overseas Pilots Licence? Thinking about a Foreign Licence Conversion, so you can fly here in New Zealand? We are seeing more of this happening, and Heliflite is here to help.

Foreign Licence Conversion

The team at Heliflite Charter & Training is here to help you convert your foreign Flight Crew Licence (issued by an ICAO member state), to a CAA NZ Licence. There are three options available to you:

Option One: (Holiday)
Fly with one of our Instructors on Dual training flights, catered to suit your interests. We can help plan Cross-Country flights, Introduce Mountain flying, or hone your skills in the circuit. Share with your goals and experience and we can suggest some flights that you may be interested in.

Option Two: (Short-Term)
Obtain a Validation Permit, allowing you to fly for 6-months in aircraft you are rated in. This process involves an application to the CAA to recognize your foreign flight crew licence, before conducting a competency assessment with an Instructor.

A Validation Permit is not a pilot licence but a short term document, which facilitates the exercise of overseas flight crew licence privileges in NZ registered aircraft. An overseas pilot licence will only be considered for validation to an equivalent or lower level of NZ licence.

Option Three: (Long-Term)
Complete the full License Issue process. This requires having your license and experience externally assessed, before completing any necessary training in order to meet the CAA NZ Licence Syllabus. A theory exam may be required in addition to this. Once the necessary steps have been completed, we will arrange with a Flight Examiner to conduct your Flight Test.

On the successful completion of a Flight Test, we can assist you in your application to the CAA for the issue of your NZ Pilot Licence.

CAA information – Recognition of Foreign Pilot Licence

Foreign Licence Conversion

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