Mountain Flying

The vast terrain of New Zealand comes with its own challenges. Compared to the rest of the world, New Zealand’s topography is very unique. There are few places in the country where your flight won’t be affected by mountainous terrain. Talk to us today about gaining valuable Mountain Flying knowledge.

Having not only a great understanding but showing respect for these areas may one-day save your life. This is why the CAA has incorporated Mountain Flying into both our Private and Commercial Licence syllabus.

Our courses have been designed to not only include basic techniques but to cater to your specific requirements in order to give you the confidence, skills, and knowledge required.

Helicopter Mountain Flying

PPL Requirements
5 hours of Ground Theory
5 hours of Flight Experience – Mountain Terrain Awareness

CPL Requirements
5 hours of Ground Theory
10 hours of Flight Experience in Mountainous Terrain*
*5 of which is Basic Mountain Flying – including 3 hours Dual

The Coromandel Ranges are right on our doorstep and provide a fantastic environment for Mountain Flight Training. The unique terrain hosts many pinnacles and ridges to experience the effects of turbulence. Navigating through valleys, following rivers and dirt tracks all while operating with tight power margins, is an essential skill to have when flying in New Zealand.

Foreign Licence Holders

Mountain Flying may be one of the requirements in order to convert your Foreign Pilots Licence. Many countries do not require mountainous flight experience in order to gain a licence, even at the Air Transport level. Together we can create a package that suits your experience, and help you through the conversion process. See Licence Conversion for more details.

Additionally, Foreign Licence Holders have also joined us while on their holiday. What better way to gain experience, fuel your passion, all while seeing New Zealand from above.

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