Private Pilot

A Private Pilots license will allow you the freedom to fly friends and family to beautiful and remote destinations all over New Zealand. We are a Certified Training Organisation by the Civil Aviation Authority, making us the safest choice to train with towards a Helicopter Private Pilot Licence.

Training is tailored to your individual requirements, budget, and time frame. We aim to support you all the way from first handing you the controls – to passing your flight test.

NZ Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

PPL training consists of but not limited to:

  • 6 PPL theory exams (Tuition is available if required)
  • 50 hours of Practical flying hours (minimum)
  • 20 hours of Dual Instruction
  • 15 hours of Solo flight
  • 5 hours of Mountainous Terrain Awareness training
  • 10 hours of Cross-Country flying
  • 5 hours of Advance Dual flying
  • PPL flight test

Most students decide to train in the Robinson R22 or Hughes 300. If you prefer to train in another type or perhaps you are looking to buy your own, speak to one of our Instructors to discuss your requirements.

Gaining a Helicopter Private Pilot Licence is one of the most satisfying rewards one can get in a lifetime. Start you journey today!

The sky is not the limit, it’s only the beginning

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