Since 1998, Heliflite has hosted a record seventeen international Robinson Factory Pilot Safety Courses in Australia & New Zealand. Courses hosted by Heliflite have been conducted in major cities including Sydney, Auckland, Melbourne, and Perth with more than 800 pilots attending in total.

Robinson Safety Awareness Training

In recent years there have been several high profile accidents involving Robinson helicopters in New Zealand. This is why in 2016, the CAA introduced a Notice of Requirement specifying the training, operation, and use of Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.

Student Pilots and Licence holders alike are required to undergo Robinson Safety Awareness Training if they wish to operate a Robinson R22 or R44 helicopter.

As a Part 141 Certified Training Organisation, we are of the few operators approved to conduct Robinson Safety Awareness Training (RSAT). Our course is aligned to both the Robinson Factory Course and the requirements set out by the CAA.

Our RSAT course covers the following:

  • Energy Management
  • Mast Bumping
  • Low Rotor RPM decay and stall
  • Hazards associated to Low ‘G’
  • Flight into Turbulence
  • Review of RHC Safety Notices
  • In-flight Enhanced Autorotational Techniques
  • in-flight Low Rotor RPM recognition and recovery

Classroom theory and the flying component are geared to an individual, depending on their own experience. Our classroom sessions not only give candidates the opportunity to discuss their own experiences but also are encouraged to ask questions so that everyone can gain valuable knowledge.

Additionally, Heliflite is a Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation, and our experienced engineers are more than happy to answer your more in-depth questions. From a highly detailed pre-flight to preventative maintenance, pilots and aircraft owners gain valuable insight from this highly beneficial opportunity.

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