Instructor Rating

Becoming a Flight Instructor is both a rewarding and challenging endeavor. The Heliflite Charter & Training C-Cat Flight Instructor course will refine your flight handling skills and broaden your aviation knowledge. Expand on your aviation experience, and gain a Flight Instructor Rating.

Pilots need to hold a current New Zealand Commercial Pilot Licence and a Class 1 Medical prior to Flight Test. Have at least 200 hours of flight experience in helicopters (of which 150 hours are to be Pilot-In-Command). These hours are to include specific PIC experience in Mountainous Terrain, Sling Load, and Cross Country Flying. Check AC61-18 for more specific requirements.

Flight Instructor Rating – Helicopter

Our Instructor Rating consists of but not limited to:

  • Instructional Techniques Course (CAA endorsed 4 days)
  • In-depth Principles of Flight Theory
  • Briefing Technique and Delivery Programme
  • PIC Hour Building towards specific Flight Exercises (as required)
  • Flight Instructional Component – 25 hours of Dual Consolidation
  • C-Cat Flight Test

Upon gaining your Instructor Rating, students must complete 6 months and 100 hours of direct supervision. Suitable candidates who have demonstrated an above-average standard whilst completing their Instructor Rating may be offered the opportunity to join the team at Helifltie Charter & Training.

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